IPC’s team

IPC’s supportive resources — custom tailored — respond individually to each client’s unique opportunity event.

We deliver clear, well-reasoned IP-driven value creating opportunities coupled with full implementation support through our research, finance, legal and execution teams.

Heading IPC’s team is our founder Michael Nitefor. Michael is a prolific innovator and throughout his career as businessman, lay scientist and investor, has created an important portfolio of innovative ‘disruptive’ ideas, systems and concepts, all meeting rigorous business case performance criteria. He has initiated and led a number of business ventures ranging from high technology to real estate investment.

A graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, B.Sc. (1966), Michael has demonstrated throughout his career an innate talent for linking technology and entrepreneurial activities for practical business outcomes. He is often called upon to consult for business and engineering innovation, and is the author of numerous white papers and technology related reports.

On an ongoing basis, he recognizes IP deficits and continuously adds to IPC’s IP portfolio. His abiding passion is building value by inventing better, smarter and more responsible ways of resolving intractable business challenge.